Buying Tips


  • Hire a Professional: Hire a Professional REALTOR ® to assist you in your buying process.  Do you have the time and experience, sources of information and the contacts to do the job yourself? Would it go as smooth as it should? Will it give you more personal time? Would you buy for less?  A Professional Real Estate Agent does a lot more than just find property to earn his/her commission.
  • Get Pre-Qualified: Be pre-qualified so that you can determine your buying power and keep your search realistic.  A Real Estate Agent can give you referrals to assist you in this area.
  • Selecting a Property: Focus on properties that meet your requirements and most importantly, your budget.  In making your final decision, a Real Estate Agent can provide you with objective information about each property (schools, churches, transportation etc) so that you can make a well informed decision.
  • Negotiating: There is more than just negotiating price. For example: financing and terms, date and time of possession, escrow, termite and title companies, handlling request for repairs and closing costs.
  • Monitoring: There are numeous steps in the purchasing process: home appraisals, inspections, renegotiating if necessary, financing, closing and final settlements. There are many required legals forms to be completed and many financing options and most importantly, how to take title (check with your attorney or a CPA as Real Estate Agents cannnot give legal advice). Your Agent and the escrow officer involved can guide you in many of these areas so that you can ensure that everything flows together smoothly and on time.

Your next home could very well be your dream home.  It might be the home you've wanted in your heart all along and, for one reason or another, you just haven't been able to find it.  But it could come on the market soon. Maybe even today or perhaps tomorrow, next week or next month. I could very well be the agent to assist you in finding it.

Here is how we can help...My E-mail is

Send me an e-mail telling me what you are looking for, detailing the key characteristics of your dream home.  I will set up a listing alert in your name and the minute a home appears that meets your criteria, I will send you an e-mail giving you all the details of the property.  This will ensure that you have first hand, an opportunity to preview the property before someone else does, without ever knowing about it............. I will need the following information:

Cities, Price Range, No. of bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet & style..........The information that you provide will be kept confidential and will not be used for any other purpose.